Jul 7, 2020

After a four year hiatus - IN YOUR EARS AGAIN

Pome Pome Tones the radio show is BACK !
Starting this evening, tune in every TUESDAY from 6p-8p PST.
Yes indeed, thats 9p-11p East Coast friends, and I dunno what I dunno the middle of the night in Europe? well yall never sleep anyway. But there will be podcasts, oh yes. Oodles of Poodles.
--> www.radiovalencia.fm <--
Go there to listen, or there are apps and other sorts of gak for ya -- full details here .

Sep 13, 2018


Well I might get around to updating this blog one day. Maybe.
BUT be sure to visit www.jeffreyalexander.bandcamp.com for all new releases.
Also check Pome Pome Tones/Dire Wolves on Instagram @direwolvesband
Thanks kiddos

Jan 25, 2018

2018 Hey Now

well alright, haven't updated this blog since i stopped doing the radio show in 2016, but HERE WE GO. New Pome Pome Tones releases on the way. Get loose.

Oct 28, 2016

Radio show hiatus

I'm taking a break form the weekly Pome Pome Tones radio show. Too much LIFE happening. There are three years of podcasts that you can listen to, so why not do that ?

BUT HEY Dire Wolves has a new website :  DWLVS.COM

and check out our next live show - Nov 4th in SF -- we are collaborating with filmmaker Paul Clipson again!

Sep 19, 2016

New Things !

Jeffrey Alexander
new solo release on the FREAKS label of Oakland:
supernatural nature sounds sandwiching a wee bit of free jazz...electronics, wooden sax, percussion, tapes, phonograph, voice

** upcoming Jeffrey Alexander solo show 11/9 in San Francisco:

Dire Wolves
exclusive track included on this wonderful tape compilation from the SKY LANTERN label of Tucson:
check out the incredible lineup!  and seriously, fuck that pipeline

more Dire Wolves releases coming very soon - stay tuned

check out my weekly radio show on Radio Valencia in the Mission, San Francisco
every thursday from 8p-10p west coast time

beard be with you

Jul 5, 2016

May 10, 2016

Lau Nau (Finland) live on Pome Pome Tones June 2nd

Holy Moley - Lau Nau in the studio, yes! Tune in June 2nd at 8pm. Pome Pome Tones on www.radiovalencia.fm

And live at The Lab on the following night !  Along with Dire Wolves and live 16mm film work from Paul Clipson - whoa !!  ADVANCE TICKETS HERE.
Brand new Dire Wolves tapes coming sooooon on Sloow Tapes from Belgium !

May 1, 2016

New podcasts up! Jeff from 3 Moons live this Thursday!

The last two weeks of Pome Pome Tones available now -- podcasts/playlists: www.rvpods.com/ppt

This week on Pome Pome Tones - Jeff from 3 Moons live in the studio. Check out a bunch of his projects here -- https://3moons.bandcamp.com/  and here -- https://soundcloud.com/jefferson-z.
3 Moons was Founded in 2010 by Jefferson Zurna, who performed and published tapes as a solo artist while living in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Portland, OR. In 2012, Dena Goldsmith-Stanley joined 3 Moons, and the duo toured extensively, while living in a small mobile home. The Duo routinely collaborates with fellow artists and musicians and currently resides in Oakland, CA.
Tune in to the show Thursday May 5th at 8pm - Pome Pome Tones on Radio Valencia -- www.radiovalencia.fm

Apr 17, 2016

Buncha podcasts now up

Heya. Sad hard drive crash and I lost a lot of radio shows and master recordings of new band music. UGH. I have salvaged what was possible -- and now there are many new radio shows now up on www.rvpods.com/ppt  
I was not able to save the playlist for a few of them, so you'll just have to listen without knowing what is coming next... jeez, like its radio or something.

Apr 4, 2016

PPT Radio show now on Thursday Nights at 8pm

Radio show has a NEW DATE and TIME !
Thursdays 8-10pm PST. Starting this week. Listen. Yay.
Streaming live on www.radiovalencia.fm

Mar 17, 2016

Next Dire Wolves show - Mar 29 in Oakland

March 29 at the Golden Bull.
Dire Wolves
Frankie and the Witch Fingers (Los Angeles)
Afraid (Oakland CA via Portland ME)

FB event here: