Apr 28, 2013

Jeffrey Alexander - new cassette

Jeffrey Alexander - "All Godchaux All The Time"

cassette-only on the Sounds Eternal label.  $7 + shipping - email: jerkfree@gmail.com

or download for $5 here.

Limited to 75 copies.

"On this first solo recording, Jeffrey Alexander delivers two sides of brain melting devotional glytch gnomecore anthems. Like the Royal Trux playing ECM standards for your personal chill out session. Warning: Contains Healing Properties." -- Analog Underground

After following the Grateful Dead for several years in the 80s, Jeffrey settled into a Baltimore warehouse and started making music. He was an instrumental figure in the acid-folk revival of the 90s with The Iditarod, influencing bands like Animal Collective and Espers. His next group, Black Forest/Black Sea - based in Providence - pushed the boundaries of experimental folk throughout the 2000s, which Pitchfork called "a gorgeous snapshot of the free psych underground, one of the purest spaces of otherworldly terrain in the current musical landscape." and from The Wire: "The constant sound shifting gives Alexander's musically metamorphic contribution to the New Weird America cult an edge over the competition, for BF/BS are genuinely strange." Jeffrey also founded the heavy, free-rock group Dire Wolves Absolutely Perfect Brothers Band and has toured with and performed as a member of Avarus, Fursaxa, Es, as well as multiple collaborations with Manbeard, Kemialliset Ystavat, Christina Carter (Charalambides) and more. He is currently playing in Jackie O Motherfucker.

Avarus IV - LP review / last copies for sale

Posted in Progarchives on March 11, 2013.

4 stars Trippy, folksy, cosmic psychedelic tribalism they've squeezed forward via this creation. Not known except AVARUS were founded in Tampere, Finland in 2001 but cannot help saying what an addiction via this album "IV" a Finnish combo have launched actually.

Basically hot and desert-y percussive minimalism lets us navigate another innovative commune. Very fruity their spacey synthesizer-based metallic thrashes are indeed, and amazingly this minimalistika cannot annoy us at all ... not mysterious maybe, if they launch mind-blowing flavoury addiction via this soundscape. The former part on Side A (anonymous one) goes ahead with grabbing our heart.

Yup their craziness would upgrade step by step. The latter "A" is another killa one. Closer to simple space folk rock than the previous one but no alteration as for dry desert sound texture we can find. Guitar riffs get more freaky and flexible, and comfortable. No refined atmosphere around them really, but guess they might have played under mind-altering condition.

Upon the B side they give us bully explosion called experimentalism. Decent Krautrock drenched in freakout sound shower created with percussive confusion, kosmische noiselines and schizophrenic guitar discharge we can experience. Why cannot we fly away into the real heaven with devilish agents heralded by their soundmachinegun? This is the way they live over. Recommended for every Krautrock freak.


Wahooo! Last ever copies of AVARUS IV LP available here - $20.

Orders/questions/what-have-you: jerkfree@gmail.com

I'm taking these microphones to pay for the damage to my axe

Apr 26, 2013

Pome Pome Tones releasing the new vinyl LP from Avarus

AVARUS – your favorite free experimental rock jazz folk electronic noise combo from FINLAND is about to tour Britain:

AVARUS (FIN) Spring Break UK Tour 4-12 May

May 4 Brighton, Westhill Hall
+ Bolide, Tuluum Shimmering, Hobo Sonn, These Feathers Have Plumes
May 5 London, Cafe OTO
+ Bo Ningen, N.E.W. (Steve Noble, John Edwards, Alex Ward)
May 6 Bristol, secret location
+ Paul Metzger, Michael Hurley, Dan Haywood: Dapple, The Moons of Mulagi
May 8 Leeds, Wharf Chambers
+ Moral Holiday, Half An Abortion, Michael Flower & Neil Campbell
May 9 Newcastle, Morden Tower
+ Totem Recall, Adam Denton
May 10 Edinburgh, Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall
+ Sacha Kahir, Hockyfrilla
May 11 Glasgow, Old Hairdressers
+ Crying Lion, Ug!
May 12 Manchester, Dulcimer
+ Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura

To celebrate, POME POME TONES is issuing a new AVARUS LP – get em while they’re hottt!

AVARUS – Salon des Amateurs

 NEW LP ONLY, recorded at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany.

LIMITED to 200 copies.

Music by Arttu Partinen, Tero Niskanen, Lars Mattila, Jukka Räisänen, Jeffrey Alexander, Moritz Kleiner.

Artwork by the amazing Zeloot - an illustrator/artist from The Hague.

POME POME TONES 2013. cat.no.PPT-1

$15 + shipping. 

Orders/questions/what-have-you: jerkfree@gmail.com