Aug 28, 2013

Pome Pome Tones radio show - today's playlist + podcast

Back on the air today! Fun times... listen to the podcast here:

Epitaffio by Arne Nordheim from Response: Electronic Music From Norway
Winter Song by Nico from Chelsea Girl
Painting by Christina Carter from Texas Modern Exorcism
Gettin' By by Jerry Jeff Walker from Viva Terlingua!
Yes Yes Yes by Prince Far I from Silver & Gold 1973-1979
Some Misunderstanding by Gene Clark from No Other
Swastika Girls I by Fripp & Eno from No Pussyfooting
Sing A Song For You by Anne Briggs from Sing A Song For You
Astral Traveling by Pharoah Sanders from Thembi
Part I by A Magic Whistle from Vision Magic Voyage
Morning by Meredith Monk from Our Lady Of Late
Song To Comus by Comus from First Utterance
Second Turning Of The Wheel by Susan Alcorn from And I Await (The Resurrection Of The Pedal Steel Guitar)
Hausmuzik by Harmonia from Muzik von Harmonia

Tune in next Wednesday, Sept 4th - live 8-10am PST, streaming on the word wide webs at

Aug 23, 2013

Back on the radio starting Aug 28

Pome Pome Tones, the radio show is back! Tune in every Wednesday morning from 8-10am to RADIO VALENCIA, broadcasting from San Francisco's Mission District and streaming online at
A mix of stretched-out spacey sounds, free music, jazz, folk, new age, experimental, dub reggae... spanning decades and continents. Start your day with the warm, sunny, psychedelic sounds of Pome Pome Tones. Or, if you are on the East Coast, enjoy it with lunch. Perhaps some delightful dinner music for you Europers ?

A couple of new JOMF reviews...

"ghostly melodies from what must be a pan flute being played through an angel’s anus" -- well, they've got my number. funny that they also reference two finnish bands that i have also made angel's anus sounds with. how did they know? 

"I have been listening to this cassette on repeat for about an hour now and I gotta tell you. I have yet to get sick of earring this. Jackie-o Motherfucker has improvised into many different genres over their long list of releases. I'm sure you are familiar with them so I will not bother going into it all, but it's dense. This cassette follows them into a more free jazz type of world. Like Coltrane at his strangest or Sun Ra at his most destructive. I would recommend picking this up right away and doing what I did—listen to it over and over and over."

Aug 12, 2013

Amazing, monstrous Tom Carter benefit album - out today!

I'm super happy to be a part of this, along with every other musician I've ever met in the world...

Aug 6, 2013

Pome Pome Tones radio show returns!

Starting very soon on Wednesday mornings on Radio Valencia - 87.9 FM in San Francisco and streaming online at Stay tuned for more details!

Aug 1, 2013

Grateful Tapers, published in Audio - 25 years ago!

To celebrate JERRY GARCIA's 71st birthday today, here's a classic article on the real taper scene. A bit of history, gear talk and love. I was in this section with a Marantz deck for most shows in 1988 - this is how I started a life of recording. Hit the full-screen button on the lower-left, and enjoy!