Jul 26, 2014

Fever Witch - live on the radio show - rescheduled for 7/30

this was originally scheduled for june, but now happening FOR REALS next week - july 30 !!
FEVER WITCH live on POME POME TONES, JULY 30th 8-10am on Radio Valencia
FEVER WITCH is the solo project of classically trained vocalist Kelly Ann (KA), from Oakland, California. She preforms with one synth, one microphone, and huge balls. She tours up and down the west coast a few times a year.
"…like a lo-fi 4 track Arvo Part, spectral and shimmery, murky and moody, the perfect late night chill out bliss out, with a slightly witchy/demonic edge to it… vibes of Twin Peaks… gothy and gloomy, some of the tracks are like otherworldly ballads..." (Aquarius Records)
Tune in to POME POME TONES on Wednesday morning JULY 30th from 8-10am as Kelly Ann joins me in the studio. She'll treat us to a live FEVER WITCH on-air performance… we'll talk about precious things like love and law and poverty… and take turns playing each others favorite supernatural records.

Jul 24, 2014

New (old) Iditarod LP out now! more great reviews...

Hello friends. A primer: From 1996-2003 I had a weirdo folky project with Carin Wagner called The Iditarod. I wrote all the music (and chose a ton of cover songs) and played most of the instruments. Carin wrote all of the lyrics and sang. I experimented with strange recording ideas, taught myself mixing and mastering, booked us a crap load of shows - we toured a lot... it was fun, well - I had fun anyway. There are some releases that I'm really proud of like THIS ONE. So fast forward eleven years after our break-up and the great Morc Records of Ghent Belgium has just released an LP of Iditarod comp tracks and rarities collected from 2000-2003. I have newly mastered all of these tracks... Carin created some beautiful new artwork... and the wonderful UK writer and critic, Jeanette Leech, provided extensive sleevenotes. In addition to reviews for magazines like Mojo and The Wire, Jeanette is also the author of Seasons They Change: The Story of Acid and Psychedelic Folk - so cool !

You can download it here NOW - complete with five non-LP bonus tracks:

Folk Radio UK writes (23 July 2014):
The Iditarod were very much a pioneering psychedelic folk group although for some this took the benefit of hindsight to realise as alongside the likes Stone Breath their music pre-dated the arrival of Freak Folk and mainstream breakthrough acts such as Banhart and Newsom.
At a time when indie rock was ruling venues finding a suitable place to perform their quieter music was difficult to say the least. The band eventually managed to find an ideal home base in Providence, Rhode Island where there was a more appreciative audience. They released The River Nektar in 1998. The core of the band was Carin Sloan (formerly Carin Wagner) and Jeffrey Alexander.
Amongst their self-penned material they also played traditional songs that they had learned from records by Anne Briggs and Pentangle. This new 2000-2003 collection on Morc Records titled Foxfur & Rarebits brings together oddments including alternate takes and live performances and although these songs were never meant to be together as an album, they do work as one.

Microphones In The Trees writes (24 July 2014):
aunque la canciones de The Iditarod en realidad no son nuevas, de ahora, (hay una inédita en directo y muchas que ya habían aparecido en recopilatorios), sigue siendo un regalo reencontrarse con su paraíso folk, con la voz de Carin Wagner, dulce hasta derretirse, el cello y el banjo de Sharron Kraus y el glockenspiel y la guitarra de Jeffrey Alexander. 'where the cold winds blow' es demasiado bonita y me recuerda a 'the turin horse'.... ya sólo faltaría un nuevo disco de Davenport y otro de Black Forest/Black Sea...

Jul 19, 2014

New Iditarod review - how's your Dutch?


Foxfur & rarebits
Morc 68 / Clear spot)
Ik ben wat huiverig met heruitgaven die worden gepresenteerd als ‘legendarisch’, ‘grensverleggend’, ’toonaangevend’ en meer van die terminologie. Vooral als het je geen ene moer zegt. En nog meer als ze destijds, op het moment dat ze oorspronkelijk werden uitgegeven, ook nauwelijks potten konden breken. Uiteraard bevestigen uitzonderingen de regel. Dat gaat in dit geval op voor het totaal onbekende The Iditarod, een Brits duo met snarenplukker Jeffrey en zangeres Carin Sloan. Voorliggend album is een verzameling van materiaal van diverse 7-inches en EP’s, en een live track. Niet afkomstig dus van hun twee reguliere albums of de eerder bij MORC verschenen verzamelaar Kleine. In feite is dus niet het album, maar de formatie ‘legendarisch’. En daar zit best wel wat in, ondanks het feit dat misschien slechts een handjevol liefhebbers ze kennen. Iditarod maakt toegankelijke freakfolk, psychfolk of welke term er voor geldt. Wel degelijk op de (Britse) traditie gebaseerde akoestische muziek, zonder ‘trad.arr’ te zijn, aangevuld met een dosis psychedelica en hippie invloeden. En dat halverwege de jaren negentig tot de eerste maanden van het nieuwe millennium. Toen gaf het duo er de brui aan. Juist op het moment dat dit soort muziek zich op een grotere belangstelling kon beroepen. Juiste muziek, verkeerde planning lijkt het… Want die muziek is best aangenaam, met verwijzingen naar bijvoorbeeld In Gowan Ring, of Stone Breath. Of is het andersom… Feeërieke melodieën met ballen, power gekoppeld aan ontspanning, engelengezang met diepgang, vrije songs met structuur. Leuke cover trouwens van Julia Dream van Pink Floyd. De zang van Carin Sloan doet me heel sterk denken aan Barbara Gaskin van Spirogyra en ook muzikaal zijn er parallellen met die groep. Waar Iditarod de mosterd vandaan haalde dus…Zie ze maar als bruggenbouwers van wat ooit was en toen weer terugkwam.

Jul 16, 2014

This Saturday - JOMF (LP release show!) with Magik Markers at Hemlock in SF

Click here for the FB event page.

Saturday July 19, 9pm - Hemlock Tavern, 1131 Polk, SF, CA
Jackie-O Motherfucker + Magik Markers + CCR Headcleaner

new JOMF lineup, recently back from touring Europe, present their only local show that celebrates the release of a new split LP with Tom Carter - on teh fabulous POME POME TONES imprint... ONLY 20 COPIES LEFT !!!

last chance to buy one of these IN REAL LIFE. touch it, hold it, play it on your ACTUAL TURNTABLE.

or just download it here -- files are forever -- http://jeffreyalexander.bandcamp.com/album/split-aka-hopland-lp-2014

July 16 playlist/podcast - more radio for you !

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July 16, 2014
Ghosts: Second Variation by Albert Ayler from Spritual Unity
When I Get Low I Get High by Chick Webb
Keeper Of My Flame by Randy Holden from Population II
White Child by Amen Dunes from Love
Heart Sutra by Susan Alcorn from And I Await The Resurrection Of The Pedal Steel Guitar
Rollercoaster by Spacemen 3 from Sound Of Confusion
Down At Kelly's by Johnny Paycheck from Jukebox Charlie
Slush by Container from Adhesive
The Hedgehog's Song by Incredible String Band from 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion
Mirrorless by Magik Markers from Surrender To The Fantasy
House Of Rain by Jackie-O Motherfucker from Split (aka Hopland)
Ame Debout by Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes from Ame Debout
Sunhead Bowed by Fursaxa from Mycorrhizae Realm
The Aviator by Michael Chapman from Fully Qualified Survivor
Tell Me Something Good by The Upsetters from Return Of The Super Ape
That's Really Some Good by Rufus + Carla 

Jul 15, 2014

A whole mess of podcasts dropping, like whoa

the last 3 shows now online (stream or d/l) at www.rvpods.com/ppt

birthday shoutouts to Terry Riley and Ian McDonald (musician) on 6/25, new music from Globelamp and Morgan Delt on 7/2, and Father Murphy stops by the show on 7/9 to tell us all about Italian Occult Psychedelia. (playlists below) - good times! good music!

POME POME TONES - free improv playlists for your head, wednesday mornings on Radio Valencia.

July 9, 2014 
The Magick Powerhouse of Oz by Bobby Beausoleil from Lucifer Rising Sessions 
Sunburst by Loop from A Gilded Eternity 
Bohemia After Dark by Dorothy Ashby from In A Minor Groove 
Pavan Hindustan by Robbie Basho from The Falconer's Arm 
Sangue by La Piramide di Sangue from Tebe 
For Nobody by How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck from s/t 
Spaghetti Wasteland by Heroin In Tahiti from Death Surf 
Teste Mozzate by Cannibal Movie from Avorio 
It Is Funny, It Is Restful, Both Came Quickly by Father Murphy from Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It 
Bones Got Dry by Father Murphy from Pain Is On Our Side Now

July 2, 2014
He The One We All Knew by Phil Ranelin from Vibes From The Tribe 
Cyclones with Count Ossie by Meditation from Studio One Roots 
Breathing Ritual by Globelamp from Star Dust 
Psychic Fire by Master Wilburn Burchette from Music Of The Godhead 
Take The Pointing Finger For The Moon by Charalambides from Our Bed Is Green 
Make My Grey Brain Green by Morgan Delt from Morgan Delt 
Cian Nugent by Green Dome from For Tom Carter 
Little Green Apples by Dennis Brown from Trojan Country Reggae 
Les Rallizes Denudes from 77 Live 
Up + Down by The Serpent Power from The Serpent Power 
All The Jive Is Gone by A Kirk + His 12 Clouds Of Joy 
Leaf by Poliphony from Poliphony 
Dune by Bernard Sjazner from Zed: Visions Of Dune 
Let The Wrong Rise With You by Father Murphy from Pain Is On Our Side Now 
Body And Soul by Django Reinhardt from Djangology 
Arbetarblot by Bernt Staf from Valhall 
All Tomorrow's Parties by Velvet Underground from Velvet Underground + Nico

June 25, 2014
Hare Krishna - Hail Krishna by Tony Scott from Music For Yoga Meditation (1968) 
Neveen by Salah Ragab, The Cairo Jazz Band from Spiritual Jazz 
Sister Ray by Joy Division from Still 
Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division from Substance 
Do Re Mi by Woody Guthrie from Dust Bowl Ballads 
You're Nogood by Terry Riley from You're Nogood 
Coming Down by The United States Of America from The United States Of America 
Doctor Seaton In The Echo Chamber by Rupie Edwards All Stars from Trojan Dub 
Tomorrow's People by McDonald & Giles from McDonald & Giles 
Burning For You by Blue Oyster Cult from Fire Of Unknown Origin 
Second Time Around by Blue Cheer from Vincebus Eruptum 
Am I That Easy To Forget? by Lee Hazlewood + Ann Margaret from The Cowboy And The Lady 
Dokonimo by Miminokoto from Orange Garage 
Pride Of Man by Quicksilver Messenger Service from Quicksilver Messenger Service 
Flying Saucer Safari by Suburban Lawns from Suburban Lawns 
Robot Factory by Swell Maps from Jane From Occupied Europe 
A Whole Mess Of Boots Randolph

Jul 8, 2014

New JOMF / Tom Carter + Helena Espvall LP on Aquarius

It's been awhile since we've heard from these two camps of free rock improvisers, but this split is a welcome return for both old faves, Jackie-O Motherfucker and Tom Carter.
The Jackie-O side is a side-long track called "House of Rain" which begins plaintively with funereal horns, bass, synth, and clattering percussion airing out in a slow build. Mournful mumbling vocals intone through a collage of interweaving sounds, broken guitar strums, hallucinogenic claptrap, and propulsive dirgery that coalesce into a momentous free-jazz memorial send-off for some seemingly heroic figure's burial at sea. Flutes, drums and horns buzzingly flock together into an epic whirring cloud of noise that battles it out among the stratosphere before slowly dying out.
The Tom Carter side is a collaboration with cellist Helena Espvall (formerly of Espers) called "Electrogesis" which begins more abstractly with what sounds like sped-up piano tones joined by cello and guitar in tandem, the cello more abrasive and droney while the guitar is more searching and exploratory, riding the line between melodic psych excursion and free improvisation. Soon the two lock horns around an intense raga-like center and as the sound grows more intense, the music fragments and destabilizes into a burning murky ember of glorious beautiful noise. So great! Limited to 200 copies.

Father Murphy (from Italy) live on Pome Pome Tones Wed June 9th

Father Murphy will be stopping by my radio show tomorrow morning. Tune in and learn all about Italian Occult Psychedelia. POME POME TONES happens every wednesday from 8-10am PST in the Mission District of SF.