May 31, 2013

This song's text is a secret

we have another JOMF set coming up -- Fri June 14 @ The Night Light, Oakland CA

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"Jackie- O Motherfucker have been operating since 1994, based around the core saxophonist Nester Bucket and guitarist manipulator Tom Greenwood releasing records for Road Cone and Ecstatic Peace. After cranking out five full-length LPs (two of them double sets), one split 12" and two CDs, the group has grown to encompass as many as twenty rotating members in three US cities – Portland, New York and Baltimore.

Inspiration is drawn from an impossibly diverse array of sound and vision: free jazz, noise rock, graffiti, space rock, folk music, Xeroxed art, the list goes on. It's safe to say, however, that the underground experiments of the 60s are a key touchstone — musically, especially the NY loft avant-garde; visually, including Harry Smith's film loops; socially, in their grubby, seat-of-the-pants approach to life and personal politics

The amazing quality of Jackie-O Motherfucker is their ability to color experimental music and noise with more candor and emotional sophistication than most turtlenecked troubadours. The fresh creative input and enthusiasm for experimentation and sound exploration combined with strong roots in Americana has created vital records." - Textile

(Record Release Show for "The Dusted Sessions" on Thrill Jockey)
"Date Palms revolves around the core duo of Gregg Kowalsky (keyboards, electronics) and Marielle Jakobsons (violin, flute, electronics). They employ traditional rock instrumentation to create music informed by Indian classical music, country, minimalism, and spiritual jazz, arriving at a style that is wholly their own. On their third album, The Dusted Sessions, the duo expanded the line-up to include Ben Bracken on electric bass, Michael Elrod on tanpura, and Noah Philips on electric guitar (a first for the band). Kowalsky and Jakobsons are both accomplished solo musicians in their own right: Kowalsky has released ambient albums on Kranky as well as a collaborative release with Josef Van Wissem on Amish, and Jakobsons has released music on the Digitalis and Students of Decay labels. Date Palms uses the sound an imagery of the dustbowl and the American West to express something truly cosmic and unique within the already highly individualistic Bay Area underground." - Thrill Jockey
"As tempting as a mirage of a fresh rock pool." - Pitchfork

(Experimental Mellow Avant-Sailboat Rock/Pop Vibez)

(1/2 of Freemountain Pulswave)

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Friday June 14, 2013

The Night Light
311 Broadway
9pm $10 21+

May 29, 2013

Folks LOVE the new Avarus LP

"Edition of only 200 copies LP from this Finnish free/rock commune: a welcome return for this Finnish behemoth after a prolonged period of silence. Salon des Amateurs presents a set of extended jams that combine the fractured logic of the Faust Tapes with heavy, bass-driven dirges and Silence/Ohr/Pilz-style psychedelic punk strategies. Everything is nailed into place by the nod-out rhythm section, providing an anchor for some way out orbits of electronics, guitar, communal percussion and hypnotic sleight of hand that could almost pass for goddamn Siloah outtakes. Where is the shops where I can buy all the dope I want? Right here, dude. Highly recommended!" VOLCANIC TONGUE

"It's been ages since we've heard from these Finnish forest freaks, four years in fact. And these days it sounds like that Finnish forest is on some other planet, their ramshackle campfire-kraut sound still perfectly intact, bit this time around, even more electronic, bouncy and playful, sounding a bit like it could be a rejected theme song for some twisted Finnish children's television program, you know the kind adults watch when they're super stoned? Woozy and whimsical, droney and psychedelic, a loping bassline anchors the otherwise freeform sound, spidery melodies in looses tangles drift heavenward, abstract percussion, some coalescing into proper rhythms, others tribal and primitive, lots of electronic bits, damaged FX, warped swirls, slow shifting textures, and lots of voices too, but not singing, more just talking, and snippets of conversations, as if the whole thing was super casual, recorded while other folks just went about their business in the background, occasionally joining in, but just as likely making dinner, or playing cards. The vibe is super loose and laid back, but also weirdly cosmic, some of the melodies sound like effected kazoos, everything is sing-songy and playful, but as the track progresses, constantly shifting and morphing, the sound grows more abstract, the electronics gradually taking over, until the sound splinters into something wholly other, the upbeat bounciness reimagined as something almost jazzy, Eastern and exotic, before finally, a slow stretch of hushed muted mesmer unfurls, murky and mysterious, and yet somehow retaining some of that childlike playfulness. The whole side sounds like just part of an even more epic jam, a days long musical ritual, of which we were only privy to a tiny glimpse. The flipside delivers more of the same, as if really it was part of the same epic jam, but here it gets even more groovy, sounding almost African at times, tranced out and hypnotic, super rhythmic, the sound building momentum, growing even more dense and droney, buzzy and layered, blossoming into a druggy psychedelic swirl, that is downright divine. SUPER LIMITED!! Get one before they're gone... " AQUARIUS RECORDS

Jeffrey Alexander gets sweet Iowa airplay

May 21, 2013

Pome Pome Tones just released the new vinyl LP from Avarus

AVARUS – your favorite free experimental rock jazz folk electronic noise combo from FINLAND is back.

AVARUS – Salon des Amateurs

 NEW LP ONLY, recorded at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany.
LIMITED to 200 copies.
Music by Arttu Partinen, Tero Niskanen, Lars Mattila, Jukka Räisänen, Jeffrey Alexander, Moritz Kleiner.
Artwork by the amazing Zeloot - an illustrator/artist from The Hague.
$15 + shipping.