Aug 25, 2015

Pome Pome Tones - radioshow and label news this week ...

8/25 at 10pm - Donna Jean Godchaux birthday radio special - listen anywhere on   DEEP CUTS.   Pome Pome Tones every Tuesday night 10pm-midnight.

JOMF "Smiles" tape (Pome Pome Tones #5) is featured on the latest Tabsout podcast.
Tapes are going fast! Get your copy now - order here:

Dire Wolves "Bernal Codex" tape (Pome Pome Tones #6) is featured on WFMU.
These tapes are also flying! Get yours here:

Jeffrey Alexander "Floating Lights" tape (Pome Pome Tones #4) is a pick at Staalplaat in Berlin. You know the drill:
annnnd, another Jeffrey Alexander tape, "Astral Traveler", released on the Perfect Wave label gets the business from this new haiku-only-review site. What ?

Aug 13, 2015

New radio shows up! Dig this classic 1976 short!

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More Pome Pome Tones for you! Stream, download, whatever...

C'était un rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch. Single camera, one take. Paris, early morning.

Aug 1, 2015

new Pome Pome Tones reviews

JOMF "Smiles" cassette reviewed in Awkward Movements ...
"New session work here from Jackie O-Motherfucker, and it's motherfucking great. With their consistently inconsistent output of some thirty-odd releases since their inception in 1995, the group's experimental and freeform nature seems to extend past their music in to group membership, with some forty-odd ex-players that have Jackie O'Motherfucker some place on their music resume.
It's easy to expect great and new things from Jackie-O Motherfucker each time a release drops, and Smiles doesn't disappoint. Each side is a twenty-plus mintue track that gradually builds from sparse jazz to a proper psych-jam, that sounds much more than the sum of it's part, aided greatly by multiple multi-instrumentalists in the lineup." 
full review here:
Also featured on their London UK radio show (NTS radio) --

French site Pinkushion lists new JOMF in their top 12 of 2015 ...
"Le groupe avec le nom le plus classe du monde revient enfin à la raison après des années d’égarement. Avec Smiles, le groupe post rock californien signe son retour vers des contrées familières jazz et expérimentales, se fait plaisir et nous fait plaisir par la même occasion. De quoi retrouver le sourire à coup sur."

All three new Pome Pome Tones tapes (Jeffrey Alexander, Dire Wolves and JOMF) reviewed this week by Raised By Wolves. The reviews are all quite insane.  

Back on the radio this Tuesday - August 4th - 10pm to midnight PST. Tune in anywhere on 
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