Dec 30, 2013

Third Ear Band - Taverne de l'Olympia, Paris 5-28-1970

J Alexander performing Wed Jan 8th at LCM in Oakland, CA


Jeffrey Alexander Trio (JOMF)
Hollyhill Dark Victory (Sung Kim/Brian Pederson duo)
CJ Boyd (perpetual tour)
Noah Landis (neurosis/tribes of neurot)
Yr Iliad (Erors side project)

Dj Meeglo
Dj Different Dentist

LCM, 9pm, $5

Dec 22, 2013

12/18 playlist + podcast

NO show this wednesday (tune in for a Halloween re-run). See you Jan 1st 2014. YES 2014 !
12/18/2013 show - listen here:

Ticket To India by Embryo from We Keep On
Three-Dee Melodie by Stereolab from Mars Audiac Quintet
Laisse Tomber Les Filles by France Gall from Lounge Legends
Working On A Groovy Thing by Alton Ellis and The Flames from Be True To Yourself
Chuck Berry schooling Keith Richards
Rocks Off by Rolling Stones from Exile On Main Street
When The Sun Goes Down by Leonard Lee from Crescent City Bounce
The Jewel In The Lotus by Bennie Maupin from The Jewel In The Lotus
violin 8 (unreleased) by Samara Lubelski from (none)
Disintegration by The Cure from Disintegration
Malay by Jon Hassell from Dream Theory In Malaya
Gentle Spirits by Ashan from Eternal Sounds Of Winter
Magical Flight by Wizz Jones from Magical Flight
Straight To Channel One Head by The Aggrovators from Trojan Dub Box
Masterly Prominence Of Dust by Bunnybrains from Ultra Ultra Deep
Stratovarius by Kraftwerk from Kraftwerk

Pome Pome Tones, Wednesdays 8-10am on Radio Valencia

Dec 20, 2013

Avarus LP reviewed in the Psychotropic Zone, Finland

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"It’s been four year since the latest official Avarus albums IV and Toosassa were released, but there have been a couple of tapes since then. On Salon des Amateurs this Finnish free form experimental psych rock/folk/jazz/electronic outfit is joined by Jeffrey Alexander (electric guitar, Black Forest/Black Sea, Secret Eye Records etc.) from the US and Moritz Kleiner (synthesizer) from Germany. Other players are this time Jukka Räisänen (electric bass), Lars Mattila (electric guitar), Arttu Partinen (percussion), Tero Niskanen (synthesizer). These two, untitled side-long tracks on this very nice vinyl album were both recorded spontaneously at Kunsthalle in Düsseldorf, Germany, on May 30 2011 when Avarus was on their European tour. The sound quality is good and the band is clearly in great and inspirational mood. The A side starts off slowly with some electronic sounds and hypnotic bass line and monotonic guitar while Arttu slowly lets the rhythm grow. The track gets VERY hypnotic and trance-inducing in the middle and you will be transported into this strange, psychedelic Avarus world that only exists during their gigs. On side B they have a nice, almost dub like beat going and even some chord changes, until the track cools down into weird, quiet, jazzy drone. I might not be the right person to review this music since I don’t really know many bands like this, but I think Avarus is a great band and I do enjoy their strange, improvisational aural trips even if they’re pretty primitive, monotonic and whimsical. Or maybe that’s exactly the reason!"

Dec 11, 2013

Kitchen Cynics Radio Hour

Listen here:

Cloudy Beach by Kitchen Cynics from My Gothic Novel
Ask Me No Questions by Kitchen Cynics from Compulsive Songwriting Disorder
Even The Most Boring People by Kitchen Cynics from Time Of Sands
Stardancer by Kitchen Cynics from For The Dead In Space
Richard In Bedlam by Tom Rapp from Yesterday, Perhaps
Alan Davidson chat with Irene Trudel live on WFMU 11-4-2002
Chemist Shop Girl by Kitchen Cynics live on WFMU 11-4-2002
The Heroine, Jane Whyte by PG Six from Yesterday, Perhaps
Mimosa by Kitchen Cynics from Mimosa 7"
Vegetable Man by Kitchen Cynics from Vegetable Man Project
The Horseman's Word by Alasdair Roberts from Yesterday, Perhaps
If This Isn't Heaven by Kitchen Cynics from Can You Hear The Frog
Ribbons and Rings by Matricarians from An Absence Of Obstacles
The Turnstone by Kitchen Cynics from Parallel Dog Days
Sparrow Scratch Board by Kitchen Cynics from For Will
Lichen by Kathleen Baird from Yesterday, Perhaps
Come Little Memory / This Bloody Cold by Kitchen Cynics from Seagull Girl 7"
The Place You Hid by Adam Leonard from Yesterday, Perhaps
Crazy Man Michael by Kitchen Cynics from Master Of The Fuzzy Fadeout

Pome Pome Tones, Wednesdays 8-10am on Radio Valencia

Dec 8, 2013

Astrophysics, Biology and the Grateful Dead.

Author unknown:

"Astrophysics, Biology and the Grateful Dead. One theory I have is that there are a few moments in the Scarlet Jam Greek 84 which are quintessential pivotal moments in the history of the Grateful Dead as well as the Universe. Of course there is always infinity, and gravity, the time/space continuum, or not, electro-magnetic forces, strong and weak nuclear reactions, matter and energy, and various givens, and various theologies. But I believe the section of Grateful Dead, and Jerry's playing from about 11:00 minutes to post 11:17 in Scarlet Touch Fire Greek 84 is the key pivotal moment in the entire history of the Universe. Yes, there are always these key moments, but this one is special. Check out this recording. The whole thing is the context, within everything else, including all Grateful Dead. But listen close 11:00>11:09, 11:12>11:13 Jerry completes the greatest lick ever, leading into the "twirl down" in the 11:15>11:17 range where my entire brain is always re-written, or at least "refreshed", re-aligning all that needs to be re-aligned. For me, this is the greatest Grateful Dead moment recorded. In a sense it was all uphill to here, and all downhill after (kind of going on the Alpine 89 phrase theme). Always a fractal on an exponential curve, and always a non-linear conduit. Those licks bridge a big gap for me. They tie the entire Universe together."