May 21, 2014

May 21 playlist + podcast

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Pome Pome Tones theme
The Sky Children by Kaleidoscope from Dive Into Yesterday
I'll Fly Away by Antony Milton from Wreckers And Haters
Pillar Of Clouds by The Birdtree from Orchards And Caravans
Oxygene part 2 by Jean-Michel Jarre from Oxygene
Fate In A Pleasant Mood / We Travel The Spaceways by Sun Ra Arkestra from 8-3-2013 Victoria Theater, San Francisco
Into The Valley by Lightning Bolt from Lightning Bolt
Gamblers Blues by Dave Van Ronk from Blues Ballads
Yeah We Know by Dinosaur Jr. from Bug
Diminuendo In Blue And Blow by Duke Ellington from At The Cote d'Azur 7-29-1966
For The Good Times by Mikey Chung from Trojan Country Reggae
Happy Day by Bridget St John from Thank You For
When My Love Lies Asleep by Gene Clark from White Light
Help by Deep Purple from Shades Of
Eight Miles High by Husker Du from 7", 1984
Pudding Stone by Pumice from Raft
A Lovely Place by Delphine Dora from unreleased
Ork Alarm by Magma from Köhntarkösz 

May 15, 2014

May 14, 2015 - playlist + podcast HOT VIBES

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Pome Pome Tones theme 
Vibes From The Tribe by Phil Ranelin from Vibes From The Tribe 
Cool by Del Close + John Brent 
White Cat Heat by The Godz from Contact High With The Godz 
Hot Aftershave Bop by The Fall from Peel Sessions 
Straight To Channel One Head by The Aggrovators 
Cool Cool Water by Beach Boys from Sunflower 
Fat Old Sun by Pink Floyd from Atom Heart Mother 
Paradise Found by Martin Denny 
Blame It On The Sun by Stevie Wonder from Talking Book 
Super 78 by Neu 
Let's Get Hot by Trouble Funk from Drop The Bomb 
But I Was Cool by Oscar Brown Jr from Beat Generation 
Cool In The Pool by Holger Czukay from Movies 
Lion Is Burning by Orchestre Poly-rythmo from Cotonou Club 
Uptown Top Ranking by Althea and Donna 
Cool It Down by Velvet Underground 
Total Vibration by Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell from "Mu" First Part 
a bunch of Tijuana Brass ad nauseum

May 13, 2014

new Kemialliset Ystävät album !!

I am very happy to play on Jan's newest bit of insanity... check it out:

Jan Anderzén and his partners celebrate the transcendental power of ecstatic music. Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa is the first Kemialliset Ystävät album in four years. It is the result of chance enhancing online collaboration methods, desire to get lost in the sound archives and the high art of meticulous editing. The album title is from visions of rivers running down from Heart of Darkness to the City of Joyful Noise. If contemporary music is a high speed train passing by then KY's music would be an orgy of light under a railway bridge.


... and here's a video!

ultra mega super rare JOMF you buy now thank you please

Europe '14 (tour​-​only cdr, 2014)
by Jackie-O Motherfucker

^^^ Immediate download of 3-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more) ... originally a CD-R with hand-drawn crayon covers sold only at European JOMF shows in April and May 2014.

TOM GREENWOOD guitare, voix
JEFFREY ALEXANDER synthé, chalumeau

May 10, 2014

Some other new recordings

A brand NEW LP of rare tracks that I made 12-15 years ago is now available on MORC RECORDS of Belgium --

A cassette of a weird improv quartet that I was a part of is now out on the Centipede Farm label of Iowa USA --

I will have copies of both of these for sale very soon. xoxoxo cheers

19 year old Kate Bush lip synching around a castle in Holland

May 8, 2014

May 7, 2014 - playlist + podcast

all Pome Pome Tones podcasts available here:

ppt theme
mazzy star - she hangs brightly - she hangs brightly 1990 rough trade
dirty three - flutter - cinder 2005
sebo ensemble - play the bagpipe uncle john - hungarian folk music 1975
pearls before swine - uncle john - one nation underground 1967
bardo pond - uncle john - for the dead in space 2005
loop - be here now - a gilded eternity 1990
lord rhaburn - disco connection - pod cult cargo belize city boil up 2005
zinja hlungwani - shangaan woman - shangaan electro 2010
prince jammy - war in the asteroid belt - destroys the invaders 1982
jerry harrison - red nights - red and the black - 1981
doc watson - little omie wise - doc watson - vanguard 1964
tom carter + helena espvall - electrogesis - split with jomf 2014
donald byrd + gigi gryce - i remember clifford - jazz lab 1955
master musicians of jajouka - your eyes are like a cup of tea - the pipes of pan 1971

May 5, 2014

Back in the Bay, new record for sale - last copies

Hey I took a few weeks off from the radio show (thanks for noticing) and i'll be back on the air this wednesday morning at 8am PST.  live from the Mission in SF. i'll play lunchtime music for you east coasters and some chillout tunes for you europeans enjoying a delicious sunset. You've earned it.

I'm sorta probably done with facebook, so i'll be spending more time here on this blog. we'll see. you read, maybe. send me email or something so i don't feel left out.

NEW RECORD ON MY "LABEL" -- check it out:
Pome Pome Tones - LP release number two - now available ! its a lovely split with new exclusive tracks: Tom Carter (of Charalambides) and Helena Espvall (of Espers) duo on one side... and the 2014 version of Jackie-O Motherfucker on the other side. SPLIT (aka Hopland) is released in Europe on Ruralfaune and in the USA on Pome Pome Tones. ULTRA MEGA STUPID LIMITED ** I ONLY HAVE 25 copies left. get yours today!

If you want one of these from me, it will be $20 + shipping (real postage costs from here in San Francisco). 
** SPECIAL: for $25 + shipping you can get this AND the first PPT LP - Avarus live in Germany. holy crap what a bargain. Orders/questions/what-have-you: