Dec 28, 2015

A spectral voice echoed on the wind

Dire Wolves tape (Pome Pome Tones #6) on KALX best-of 2015 list.
hells yeah! since it's sold out, you can listen/download for free right here -
NEW Dire Wolves tape coming soon - we know you are on tenterhooks!
Happy New Year freaks.

Oh yeah - almost forgot about this live review of the Dire Wolves show at Adobe Books...
"A dense atmosphere was created, hanging like fog in our ears until the last note died. I definitely felt like we had been taken on an epic sound journey over jagged peaks of guitar and through lush violin valleys, across boulder fields of percussion and rolling hillsides of bass, all while a spectral voice echoed on the wind."


Dec 7, 2015

Recordings, radio shows, etc

Many more Pome Pome Tones radio shows are online now - check out all the playlists, listen to all the podcasts, dig it now my friends --

The next PPT release is in the works - a split tape with Dire Wolves and Head of Wantastiquet. Stay tooooned for details. In the meantime, dig each of those bands here and here.

Perfect Wave is having a SALE for a limited time - you can get 3 tapes for $12 (Jeffrey Alexander, Itasca, Maia Ibar).  COOL !  Hurry Up!
Perfect Wave also had a sweet label feature programme on WNYU - listen up --

Jeffrey Alexander participated in a tribute to the late Nick Talbot, which aired on the BBC recently. For a few weeks, you can stream it here --
Catch it before its gone. The hour-long programme starts around 40 minutes in.

Here's a new video from Jeffrey's tape that was released last month on Self-Help Tapes.
Only a handful of tapes remain - hurry!

Here's a sweet review of said tape in Tiny Mix Tapes:
"Jeffrey Alexander is a true head. After following and taping live shows of the Grateful Dead during the 80s, he began making music of his own, forming The Iditarod, Black Forest/Black Sea, and the still active Dire Wolves. He’s played in and toured with a litany of other acts, including his present possition as synth player in Jackie-O-Motherfucker. He also ran Magic Eye Singles, which eventually became Secret Eye Records, and currently hosts a weekly radio show. Oh, and he makes music as a solo artist, too. On his latest offering, Water Meditations, Jeffrey explores churning swirls of shruti box drones, chord-organ moods, the noisy spices of a cracklebox and synthesizer, and some light acoustical accents from a marimba and psaltery. Each instrument equally contributes for a truly transformative performance, placing the listener’s mind in the clouds, and their soul in the streams. In a meager edition of 30, pick up a copy of Water Meditations from Self-Help Tapes before they are all gone."

DIRE WOLVES and JEFFREY ALEXANDER both reviewed in Psi Lab - hell yeah.
"...i feel like i should be more than just tangentially familiar with ALEXANDER's work, which i'm well on my way to rectifying - to be sure this is a potent double recommendation, two tapes, two galaxies connected by a wormhole synapse deep in ALEXANDER's far out mind"

pome pome tones 2015, edition of ?
"THE BERNAL CODEX is the latest from DIRE WOLVES, another major player in the free rock scene, physically manifested since 2009, somehow escaping my scouring of the four corners of the weirdo tape world til recently - as a four piece they give it all they got considering comparisons to contemporaries BURNT HILLS and DESMADRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA where both outfits feature 8+ members - there's more mysticism in the WOLVES, splicing the dna of MV & EE, PHAROAH SANDERS and SONIC YOUTH, honing in on the heavy kraut psych of early 70s AMON DUUL II as advertised, in a way that neatly bridges the gap between BURNT HILLS' profound freeform primitivism and DSDV's enlightened groove-locked chaos - there's nothin about DIRE WOLVES that ain't right up my alley, they've got a tape titled THE CREATOR HAS A FASTER VAN on SLOOW for goodness sake"

perfect wave 2015, edition of 75
"ASTRAL TRAVELER - the title alone reeled me in, and then the artwork - dissipating contrails, cirrus clouds and lens flare forming an ever gazing galactic eye of sorts - well that pretty much finished me off before i even hit play, then the music proceeded to obliterate my thin veil of consciousness like NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS' DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS otherworldly longform drone on side one with a huge warbly tone swirling around a faint reverberating keyboard motif, then side kicks back with a BADFOOT BROWN / ALICE COLTRANE / PHAROAH SANDERS smoked out late night cosmic drone jazz improv session laced with some cool in-and-out avant guitar stuff - how is this just one dude?"

Jeffrey Alexander - very very purple live set recorded in Philadelphia, PA

... yep