Jul 16, 2015

New radioshows! New tapes! New shows! Dig this amazing CAN video!

Playlists/podcasts at www.rvpods.com/ppt
More Pome Pome Tones for you! Stream, download, whatever...

New Pome Pome Tones releases from Jackie-O Motherfucker, Dire Wolves and Jeffrey Alexander available NOW from Revolver Distrubution / Midheaven Mailorder (San Francisco CA) ... Clear Spot Distribution / Shiny Beast Mailorder (The Netherlands) ... Juno Records (United Kingdom) ... Analog Underground (Providence RI) ... Staalplaat (Berlin Germany) ...
or get them direct from the source, sealed with my very own saliva -- listen/buy/order HERE !!

Or pick them up in person at one of the two release shows!
Jeffrey Alexander - live at Ratio, Toronto Canada - July 25, 2015
Dire Wolves + Jackie-O Motherfucker - live at Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco CA - July 28, 2015

CAN live in Soest, Netherlands 1970 (84 minutes!)
Sit on the floor and bob your head like these crazy kids.