Sep 25, 2013

9/25 playlist and podcast, yep

Listen here:

III by Taj Mahal Travelers from August 1974
Nice And Easy Dub by Horace Andy from Feel Good All Over
Sunny Goodge Street by Donovan from Fairy Tale
Purple Pyramid by Bardo Pond from For Tom Carter
Sofa Drugs by Peter Wright from For Tom Carter
They Love Each Other by Grateful Dead from Cow Palace 12-31-76
Spike by Sunken from For Tom Carter
You've Got It All Wrong by Marissa Nadler from For Tom Carter
Wanhopige Momenten by Silvester Anfang II from For Tom Carter
Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed by Bhagavan Das with Amazing Grace from Swaha
Jesus Shooting Heroin by Flaming Lips from Hear It Is
Not Waving by This Heat from Made Available
Bitches Brew by Miles Davis from Bitches Brew

Pome Pome Tones, Wednesdays 8-10am on Radio Valencia

Sep 23, 2013

Playlist and podcast from 9/18 show

Listen here:

part 2 by La Monte Young / Dream Syndicate from 1964 boot
Oxygene part 1 by Jean-Michel Jarre from Oxygene
Hazey Jane II by Nick Drake from Bryter Layter
Henry Hudsons Eyes by Mounds from Mounds Of Earth
Lady Margaret by Trees from Garden Of Jane Delwaney
Blue Mountain Raga by Steffen Basho Jungens from A Raga For Peter Walker
Mrwhiskerwitz by Michael Hurley from Hi Fi Snock Uptown
Black Vest by Scratch and the Upsetters from Super Ape
Rainbow Drums by Atman from Personal Forest
Drip-Dry by Codona from Codona 2
Tis A Cackle Only by Woven Skull from For Tom Carter
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore by Smiths from Meat Is Murder
Baiyina by Pat Martino from Baiyina
Cold Spring by George Stavis from Labyrinths

Pome Pome Tones, Wednesdays 8-10am on Radio Valencia

Sep 11, 2013

Today's playlist + podcast

Listen here:

Upon Which Areas May The Circle Be Drawn? by Spacious Mind from Do Your Thing But Don't Touch Ours
You Get Brighter by Incredible String Band from 11-26-68 boot
I Dreamed I Dream by Sonic Youth from Sonic Youth
Pack Up Your Sorrows by Richard and Mimi Farina from Celebrations For A Grey Day
Penny Hitch by Soft Machine from Seven
Falling Colours by Floating Flower from 2nd
Horses Of Fire Rachenitsa by A Hawk and a Hacksaw from You Have Already Gone to the Other World
Mein Weg by Arvo Pärt
Our Song by Ron Geesin + Roger Waters from Music From The Body
Frontera by Phil Manzanera from Diamond Head
Diamond Head by Phil Manzanera from Diamond Head
Trenches by Rhythm Devils from Apocalypse Now Sessions
Far Away by Dina Maccabee from Who Do You Suppose You Are
Brave New World by Robert Calvert from Lucky Leif + The Longships
Hearts In Exile by The Homosexuals from Homosexuals CD

Pome Pome Tones, Wednesdays 8-10am on Radio Valencia

Sep 10, 2013

JOMF playing September 25 in Oakland

Our next Jackie-O Motherfucker show... see you there?
Part of the the Fifth Annual Mission Creek Oakland Music and Arts Festival

Avarus LP getting hottt airplay in Chapel Hill

WXYC 89.3 FM in Chapel Hill playing our first Pome Pome Tones release a whole lot. Cool.
You can get your own LP (still a few left!) or digital download right here -

Sep 4, 2013

Weekly radio show podcast

Morning Song by Pearls Before Swine from One Nation Underground 
Out Of This World II by John Coltrane from Live In Seattle 
Journey In Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane from Journey In Satchidananda 
The Cruel Sister by Amps For Christ from Circuits 
It's All But An Ark Lark by Cocteau Twins from Lullabies 
Cemetery Raga by Alastair Galbraith from Talisman 
On The Beach by Neil Young from On The Beach 
Events For Tape Recorder by Mel Powell from Music For Electronic + Older Instruments 
Glowing Things Glow by Ring from V/A - Surrounded By Sun 
Sov Gott Rose-Marie by Pärson Sound from Pärson Sound 
Sunshine On My Shoulders by Pat Kelly from V/A - Trojan Country Reggae 
Dusted Down by Date Palms from Dusted Sessions 
Go Your Way by PG Six from Parlor Tricks And Porch Favorites 
Golden Voyage by Ron Dexter from Golden Voyage Experience Vol 1 
Mindweaver by Yoko Ono from Season Of Glass 
Third Ear Raga by Third Ear Band from Raga Live