Jan 14, 2015

End of year round-up

Hey folks! sorry for the radio silence. Blog times are tough... but the weekly radio show plows forward. Catch up on many months of playlists and podcasts here: http://rvpods.com/ppt -- listen, stream, download, as you prefer... Go on, enjoy some cool musicks...

The recent Iditarod LP i put together is reviewed in the Terrascope this month:
"Collecting together, EP tracks, a live recording and some pieces from compilations “Foxfur and Rarebits” is a wonderful collection that highlights just how good pioneering wyrd folk band The Iditarod really were. Opening with “Feel the Breath of the Woods Upon Your Heart Part One” you are immediately pulled into a strange hallucinating world, voices, percussion and guitar swirling together creating a vortex of sound  that builds in tension with a stuttering electric guitar writhing at its centre. Elswhere”Sparrow” is a haunting folk tune lost on a foggy highway, whilst “Where the Cold Wind Blows” begins as a bleak re-working of that Leadbelly tune before morphing into something slightly warmer, musically at least, with a sweet flute adding beauty to the stringed instruments that weave magic into the tune. Taking the song and making it their own, The band's version of “Julia Dream” is another highlight a droning cello adding depth to the arrangement. To end, we get part two of the opening song, this part feeling sparser with a clarinet (possibly) adding a different timbre to the piece although the electric guitar defintely makes its presence felt throughout." (http://www.terrascope.co.uk)

New Dire Wolves recordings!  and still more on the way in early 2015...  Also a new Dire Wolves website. Boom.

New Jeffrey Alexander solo releases also coming soon!  full length LP on Pome Pome Tones ... also a brand new C30 cassette on Perfect Wave out of Brooklyn.  stay tuned!

Happy New Year.