Oct 4, 2013

10/2 playlist + podcast

Listen here:


Affenstunde by Popol Vuh from Affenstunde
I Want To Wake Up With You by Boris Gardiner from Trojan Country Reggae
Like An Inca by Neil Young from Trans
Uneaten Stars Duo by Birchville Cat Motel from Invisible Pyramid
Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra from Out Of The Blue
A Leaf Must Fall by Famous Jug Band from Sunshine Possibilites
OtE GO II by T Putnam Hill from Open The Envelope: Guitar Oscillations
You're Not Fooling Me by Silver Apples from Silver Apples
Mother by The Police from Synchronicity
The Spectre by Auto Da Fe from The Spectre
Mangrove by Pharaoh Overlord from Battle Of The Axehammer
Some Kinda Love/Sister Ray by Lou Reed from Live in Italy '83

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