May 15, 2014

May 14, 2015 - playlist + podcast HOT VIBES

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Pome Pome Tones theme 
Vibes From The Tribe by Phil Ranelin from Vibes From The Tribe 
Cool by Del Close + John Brent 
White Cat Heat by The Godz from Contact High With The Godz 
Hot Aftershave Bop by The Fall from Peel Sessions 
Straight To Channel One Head by The Aggrovators 
Cool Cool Water by Beach Boys from Sunflower 
Fat Old Sun by Pink Floyd from Atom Heart Mother 
Paradise Found by Martin Denny 
Blame It On The Sun by Stevie Wonder from Talking Book 
Super 78 by Neu 
Let's Get Hot by Trouble Funk from Drop The Bomb 
But I Was Cool by Oscar Brown Jr from Beat Generation 
Cool In The Pool by Holger Czukay from Movies 
Lion Is Burning by Orchestre Poly-rythmo from Cotonou Club 
Uptown Top Ranking by Althea and Donna 
Cool It Down by Velvet Underground 
Total Vibration by Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell from "Mu" First Part 
a bunch of Tijuana Brass ad nauseum